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Sustainable entrepreneurship: should we consider this as a ‘trend’, an opportunity or something we cannot escape from anymore? Nowadays we see that businesses as well as NGO’s or governmental organisations want to do something sustainable, but find it difficult to determine what and how.

This activating training session brings forward the phenomenon of sustainable entrepreneurship in a very practical and applicable way. Everything will be illustrated with inspiring examples of organisations that succeeded well.

One of the fundamentals of this training session is that you and your colleagues will be challenged to come up with initiatives for your own organisation that do not ‘just’ create financial value, but also bring value for society and nature. With the outcomes, you can potentially create new surprising forms of collaboration and contribute to the environment.

This training session inspires, motivates and activates!


Trainer: Esther Blom


Vuurtorenweg 35
2583 XL The Hague


070 444 95 64

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