strategy create a mission and vision

A one-day training where we create an intial Mission and Vision for your organisation.

A good mission statement and a good vision give direction and clarity. They help the executive management and employees in taking decisions, making strategic plans and creating new solutions or opportunities. Mission statements and visions are powerful tools that offer clarity, stability and coherence in an organisation. They help employees at all levels. Good mission statements and visions offer a clear direction in which employees can design their plan of action. They offer a framework to everyone in which you can judge whether 'good calls' are being made.


A good mission statement and company vision give clear directions for employees to work, however, they also need to be broad enough to give maneuvering room so people’s individual and group expertise is used to its full benefit. Using the directions defined by the upper management, good courses of action are designed by managers or directors of for instance departments, production locations and sales.


Trainer: dr.ir.drs. Alexander de Haan


Vuurtorenweg 35
2583 XL The Hague


070 444 95 64

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