new impuls to your team

A one day training based on playing two 'serious games' that help experience, observe and discuss the different aspects of cooperation.

Based on the experiences and observations we get from playing the cooperating game Team Up, we analyze the team's cooperation before we jointly think about the cooperation in our own classroom.

More specifically we work on:

  • Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in the educational task;

  • Respecting each others make up and emotions;

  • Using the variety in the group to complete the task, e.g. getting to know each other's different talents and skills;

  • Communication skills and how to have a useful and practical conversation;

  • How to get the work done, e.g., dividing tasks, monitoring individual's work, team focus on the task and how to support each other.


This training uses the 'Serious Games' TeamUp and Play With Up Card.

Trainer: drs. Suzan Valstar


Vuurtorenweg 35
2583 XL The Hague


070 444 95 64

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trainer Suzan Valstar