Highland Games

duration: 1,5 hours

Unleash the beast during this primal outing! According to the legend, the first Highland Games were held in the 11th century in Scotland. Scottish clans would challenge each other's strength in the form of a tournament. A true measure of physical power. Nowadays the Highland Games are a worldwide phenomenon! They entail all disciplines that a team building game requires: cooperation, communicative skills and loads and loads of fun!

What can you expect during the Highland Games? Before we unleash the beasts, you receive an explanation about the game so that you know what's waiting for you. After we have formed teams, you can put on a Scottish kilt and then... let the Games begin!

The tournament consists of the following tests:

  • Log throwing

  • Power House

  • Walking A

  • Tug-of-war

  • Tactical tug-of-war

  • Building a catapult and shooting it

  • The Long Road to Victory Island

  • Pushing the Pole

With lots of cheering (and laughter) of your fellow competitors, you complete the tests. At the end of the tournament, you gather at the starting point and the undisputed winning team is announced!



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