Fish Filleting

duration: 1,5 hours

In collaboration with a fishmonger from Scheveningen we can offer you a unique experience: filleting a fish! There are several options for the workshop, depending on the catch of fish, the size of the group, the budget and the groups preferences. If you’re with a small group we can organise the workshop at the store of the fishmonger.

Make sure you bring a cooler box because afterwards you can obviously take the fish you prepare with you!

It is also possible to organise the workshop at one of the beach clubs of Scheveningen, where the fish you prepared yourselves can be cooked on the BBQ! We prefer to work with fish from the North Sea, that arrives in the harbour of Scheveningen.

The different possibilities are:

  • Herring Peeling workshop:
    Learn how to fillet herring and learn about the purchasing, gutting, curing, freezing and ripening of the herring;

  • Round Fish Workshop:
    Learn how to fillet round fish such as cod, whiting, sea bass and sea bream;

  • Flat Fish Workshop:
    Learn various ways of filleting and gutting of flatfish such as plaice, dab, turbot or another fish of the day.

The duration of the workshop is approximately 1,5 hours, although sometimes it can take a little longer, due to the enthusiasm of the fishmonger! The workshops are preferably held in the evenings.



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