Entrepreneurial thinking

Always wondered how come entrepreneurs always seem to come up with brilliant business ideas? And they even always seem to be able to bring them to the market? During this training session, you will learn how these ideas arise and how the chances for success can be optimised.  Several practical methods will be shared with you combined with inspiring examples. Eventually, you will apply this theory into practice and come up with new business ideas yourself.

Most people tend to think of startups only when the terminology of entrepreneurship is brought forward. Did you know that the entrepreneurship theory is at least as relevant within corporates and other types of existing organizations? Not because you want your colleagues to leave their  job and become entrepreneurs, but because entrepreneurial thinking also brings in new opportunities, insights and motivation in the team. Give it a try and start thinking like an entrepreneur with you colleagues!


Trainer: Esther Blom


Vuurtorenweg 35
2583 XL The Hague


070 444 95 64

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