Beach Games

duration: 1,5 hours

The Beach Games are a set of fun games that vary from active to less active, from brainteasers to teambuilding, from serious to hilarious. Fun is guaranteed!

The Beach Games consist of a selection of the following games:

  • Walking A (teambuilding, power and balance)

  • Ski walking

  • Hammer and nails (quiz your knowledge!)

  • Water Race (‘splashing’ teambuilding)

  • Riddles

  • Flying Carpet (1, 2, 3… jump!)

  • The Caterpillar

  • Quiet Chaos (blindfolded teamplay)

  • Wobbly Tables (blind labyrinth)

  • Tug of War

  • Tactical Tug of War

  • Catapult

  • Bamboo Building (the sky is the limit)



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